printed napkins promote your business

Bespoke napkins deliver to you

All we need is your logo.
We do the rest.

We design, print and deliver your napkins direct to your door and we are a 100% British-based organisation.
Save time & effort and get your bespoke napkins delivered.

If you’re always getting blank napkins, then now’s the time to give your brand a leg-up with printed napkins.  We can create them any way you like – your logo, your message, your events even QR codes.  Whatever you want to say, we can do it.  It’s all in the price and we sort it all out so there’s no fuss.  Call us for a price and see how easy it all is.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t get your own bespoke printed napkins before

printed napkins for your cafe or pub food

Cheaper than
cash n carry!

From just 3p a napkin
– It’s cheaper than you think

Getting your name on your bespoke napkins and under your customers’ noses is great value for money and separates you from your competition.

Before you make the next trip to the cash and carry for napkins for your bar, cafe, restaurant or pub stop and think – wouldn’t you like those napkins cheaper?  Would you like them to be printed napkins with your own logo too?  And wouldn’t you like them delivered to YOU?
We do it all.  Change the habit of a lifetime and get better bespoke printed napkins and better branding.

chocolate fountain printed napkins

Re-enforce your brand repeatedly

Printed napkins are seen by your customers more often than other branding material.

With your brand and promotions on a napkin your customers are more likely to come back.

When you are sat in a pub, or restaurant, café..  wherever you are – how often have you said “this is lovely, what’s the name of this place again?”.  Printed napkins remind your customers where they are multiple times during their visit, so they never forget.  It improves your brand and brings you greater repeat business.  When your bespoke printed napkins are bringing in more business, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.