Reinforce your brand repeatedly

Printed napkins are seen by your customers over 9 times per pint, sandwich or fruit stick!

Picture it: your future customers holding their warm, dripping chocolate or cold glass of bubbly, they’re being reminded of who’s supplied the yummy chocolate covered strawberries!

So remind them who has the best chocolate fountain business – and get more bookings!

Recommendations and referrals are a great way to increase your customer base and when you’ve gone to so much trouble to brand your company, don’t put a blank napkin in their hand.  It’s the one thing your customer looks at time and time again reminding them who’s got the tastiest chocolate fountain around.

Don’t waste the opportunity and at such a low price, delivered to you it’s as easy as pie (or strawberry).  Don’t keep dragging yourself over to the cash & carry for dull anonymous napkins, get them delivered to your door with your name and your promotion on them.

chocolate fountain printed napkins
get your business noticed with printed napkins